Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
Dislocated Worker Program

Alaska’s WIA Dislocated Worker Program emphasizes informed customer choice, system performance, and continuous improvement. Local Job Centers / One-Stops of the Alaska Job Center Network provide access to intensive and core services to individuals and groups of dislocated workers so that they may obtain and retain employment at a self-sufficient level.

WIA Dislocated Worker Program's mission

  • Implement a workforce system to provide dislocated workers with the information, advice, job search assistance, income maintenance, and training they need to get and keep good jobs.
  • Provide employers with skilled workers. Work collaboratively with partners, stakeholders in business, industry, education, and state and local governments to strategically manage resources to ensure program performance, accountability, service quality and customer satisfaction.

Employment in Alaska's workforce is the goal

Workforce investment activities under the Dislocated Worker Program for participants improve employment opportunities, job retention and earnings, and increased occupational skill attainment. This re-employs dislocated workers, improves the quality of the workforce, and enhances the productivity and competitiveness of Alaska’s workforce.

One Stop Job Centers

Providing services that help participants obtain or retain employment is the basic goal of the program. The Division of Business Partnerships administers the federal funds received under Title I-B of the Workforce Investment Act for the state’s WIA Adult Program. DBP allocates formula funds to provide employment services to local Job Centers / One-Stops of the Alaska Job Center Network.

Levels of Service

What level of service can we help you with?

The federal Workforce Investment Act specifies that most services for adults will be provided through One Stop Job Centers. The Act authorizes three levels of service that are available to all jobseekers.


Core services includes outreach, job search and placement assistance, and labor market information which helps job seekers gain immediate employment and determine possible areas where additional services may be necessary.


Intensive services includes comprehensive assessments, development of individual employment plans, vocational counseling, and career planning which helps those who need a little more professional attention to gain employment or determine which areas they might need additional training assistance.


Customers who cannot find employment through intensive services may receive training services linked to job opportunities in their communities, including occupational training and training in basic skills. To promote customer choice and involvement in career decisions, participants use an Individual Training Account (ITA) to select an appropriate training program from a qualified training provider on Alaska’s Eligible Training Provider List.


Sometimes the supports customers need are about the social and economic barriers they experience.  For some people assistance with transportation or childcare is needed to help them succeed.  The federal Workforce Investment Act authorizes supportive services to enable an individual to participate in the program and to obtain or maintain their employment.

Participant Eligibility Guidelines

Refer to Policy #340.00 for information regarding eligibility guidelines. Download the printable document by clicking the following link:

DBP WIA Dislocated Worker Program Eligibility Policy #340.00

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aides and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.