Resources for Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs)

Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs) are agencies or individuals that are approved to provide employment support to individuals with disabilities served by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. List of approved CRPs.

Before You Apply to Be A CRP

  1. Watch the CRP Orientation.

  2. You can watch in full screen mode by clicking on the square icon in the lower right of the video, after you click play.

    You can also download the CRP Orientation here as a PowerPoint.

How to Apply to Become a CRP

  1. Watch this video on YouTube of the CRP Application Process. It is also available here as a PowerPoint.
  2. Read DVR Standards for CRPs.
  3. Read CRP Service Definitions, Requirements and Hourly Rate Range.
  4. Fill out the CRP Application and follow instructions for submitting it.
  5. After submitting the application, you will be contacted for an interview with a CRP Specialist and a local Vocational Rehabilitation manager.
  6. Successful applicants will be contacted with further instruction after the interviews.


For More CRP Information