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Division of Labor Standards and Safety

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Alaska Occupational Safety and Health (AKOSH)
Construction Health and Safety Excellence Program (CHASE)

What is the CHASE Program?

In Alaska, construction presents unique safety and health challenges compared to almost any other industry. Construction companies in Alaska experience an extremely high rate of injury. The hazards are innumerable and the consequences are often catastrophic.

The CHASE Program was created to provide a partnership between licensed Alaskan contractors and AKOSH to take a proactive approach in reducing these injuries, illnesses and fatalities within the construction industry in our great state.

The CHASE Program is unique to Alaska!

How does the CHASE Program work?

Through an established and structured approach, AKOSH safety and health professionals work with contractors within the parameters of the program’s simplistic guidelines to attain the blue level of participation. CHASE Program participants enter into the program at the AK-BLUE level for a period of five years.

AKOSH safety and health professionals assist employers in conducting a baseline safety and health survey to determine the current posture of the company’s existing safety and health management system so that corrective action, if needed, can take place to limit employee exposure to hazards on the job.

What are the benefits of the CHASE Program?

Participating construction contractors, when accepted as partners with AKOSH, may promote the agreement and status as a partnership.

This exciting partnership program tailored exclusively for the construction industry in Alaska produces immediate positive effects within the safety and health program posture of the participating company.

Continued involvement between AKOSH and the employer ensure the established improvement measures are being reached. Continual evaluation of the safety and health management system and the ever changing construction environment enables management to better anticipate, identify, and plan for appropriate adjustments toward prevention and abatement of hazards that arise or have the potential to become present.

Proactive measures are established to ensure self monitoring protocols are implemented and maintained to reduce and eliminate injuries and illnesses within the company workforce.

How do I get involved in the CHASE Program?

For more information contact AKOSH:

Donnie Farwell
Safety Consultant and CHASE Coordinator
Alaska Occupational Safety & Health
1251 Muldoon Road Suite 109
Anchorage, AK 99504
(907) 269-4941


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