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Program Steps

Orientation and Applying

  1. Call the office that serves your community or apply online.
    You can find the DVR office that serves your community here. They will arrange for you to go through our orientation.Or, if you are ready to apply now, you can start application online
  2. Orientation.
    In the orientation you will learn how the program works and can decide if you want to apply for services. Some offices give a group orientation. Others give a one-on-one orientation.
  3. Apply.
    If you decide you wish to apply, DVR staff will give you the paperwork you need to complete.
  4. Find out if you qualify for services.
    Sometimes a counselor can tell right away if you qualify. Other times it can take up to 60 days. Occasionally it can take longer. It depends on whether we need to write for medical records or have you evaluated by a doctor. Your counselor can tell you what needs to happen to qualify for services.

Your Plan

  1. Identify your job goal and plan the services you need.
    You and your counselor decide on a job goal that makes sense for your disability. It should also make sense based on what job openings there are. DVR can help you find your talents and interests. We can also help you search the job market. You and your counselor talk about the employment problems that bring you to DVR. Together you decide what services you need to get a job.
  2. Write a plan for employment.
    You must have a written plan to get the services you need. We call it your individualized plan for employment (IPE). Your counselor can help you with this. It describes the steps you will take to meet your work goal.
  3. Complete the IPE.
    You can start getting the help you need after you and your counselor agree to your plan. How long it takes you to complete the plan depends on you and your needs.

Job Search and Closing Your Case

  1. Search for and get a job.
    After you complete the services in your plan, you search for a job until you get one. Your counselor can help you with this.
  2. Follow up and close your case.
    Your counselor checks how you are doing for 90 days after you get a job. Then DVR closes your case if all is going well. Later you can ask for "Post-Employment" services if you need more help to keep your job, get your job back, or move up in your job.