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More About the VR Program

A DVR counselor helps eligible job seekers set a job goal, choose the services they need to reach their goal, and select the providers for those services. The services used depend on the individual's needs, circumstances and job goal.

  • Services
    Learn about our services. When making your plan for getting work, you can choose from many different services. Some are free. You may have to help pay for others. You and your counselor choose services because you NEED them to go to work.
  • Who Qualifies?
    Learn who qualifies. You may qualify if you have trouble finding or keeping a job because of a physical, mental or intellectual condition.
  • How to Apply and Steps of Program
    Learn more about the steps in the VR program and how to apply for services. You can also call the DVR office that serves your community. Our staff can then talk with you about the program, scheduled you for an orienation, and guide you through the steps to apply.
  • You Get to Make Choices
    Learn about the choices you get to make in your program, the guidelines for making those choices and how DVR helps you make them.
  • Rights and Responsibilities
    Learn about your rights and responsibilities when you use DVR services.
  • Your Plan to Get Work
    You need a written work plan to get services. Its part of the VR process. Learn what your plan will include and ways to write your plan.
  • How Do I Pick a Career?
    Not sure what career to go after? DVR and Alaska Job Center staff many tools and staff to help you.
  • Having Problems with DVR?
    Learn about the things you can do if you disagree with your counselor.