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Workers' Compensation Adjudications Section

The Adjudications Section of the Alaska Division of Workers' Compensation is responsible for interpreting the Alaska Workers' Compensation Act in a fair and impartial manner to ensure the quick, efficient and predictable delivery of medical and indemnity benefits to injured workers at a reasonable cost to employers and insurance carriers.

The Adjudications Section's Technicians promote a better understanding of the Act by informing employees and employers of their rights and responsibilities. Workers' Compensation Officers conduct pre-hearings to frame issues that will be heard by the Board, assist the parties in resolving issues prior to going to hearing, and make rulings on discovery disputes. The Adjudications Section administers a mediation program for disputed claims, which parties can voluntarily access for assistance in issue resolution.

Legal disputes and claims that remain unresolved are heard by a three member panel, consisting of two Board members, one labor and one industry, and a Hearing Officer who serves as the Designated Chair of the panel. The Board resolves issues pertaining to provision of proper benefits to injured workers, in addition to enforcement of compliance with the Act's mandatory requirement that employers provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for employees.